Club Intrawest 2017 Maintenance Fees

The 2017 Club Intrawest Maintenance Fees are out and the USD Fees are $6.57 per point.

It is through Resort Dues that Club members pay for the day-to-day costs of the Club facilities and Reservation Services. Resort Dues form the basis of the Operating Fund.

Here is the Breakdown.



Expense Definition Cost Per Point


Percentage of

Operating Fund

Club Reception Cost of providing Check-in and Guest Services. $0.47 7%
Member Services Cost of operators and telecommunications to provide service through and the toll-free telephone number. $0.26 4%
Housekeeping Includes cost of laundry, linen, cleaning supplies and wages for housekeeping. $1.06 16%
Utilities Includes the cost of providing heat, water, power, cable

TV, internet and telephone.

$0.46 7%

& Repair

Cost of repairing appliances; preventative and emergency maintenance; upkeep of exterior/interior of buildings, pools, spas and landscaping. $0.65 10%
Cleaning & Security Includes the cost of snow removal, window washing, cleaning exterior common areas and wages for cleaning and security. $0.18 3%


Includes the cost of Club operations and administration, annual audit fee, postage, printing, legal fees, web site support and Resort Dues collection costs. $0.88 13%
Getaway Time & Miscellaneous Revenue Getaway Time nightly revenue  and miscellaneous revenue including interest income earned on investments and Day Use fees. ($0.22) (3%)
Total Operating Expenses $3.74 USD 57%


Taxes, Insurance

& Levies



Real property taxes, income taxes, property replacement, liability insurance and local resort association levies.







Other Taxes Provision for other taxes. $0.49 7%
Reserve Fund This fund covers the cost of refurbishment of common areas and resort accommodation owned by the Club. $0.96 15%
Management Fee This is the fee paid to Diamond Resorts for management services. $0.66 10%
Total Resort Dues $6.57 USD 100%
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