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ID# Resort Size Season Points Week # Price Info
5013Hilton Hawaiian Village1 Bed Bed Platinum4800Points$9,800.00
5069Hilton at Anderson Ocean Club2 bed plus Bed Gold5800$7,250.00
5066Hilton Bay Club at Waikoloa2 Bed Platinum14,000$4,980.00
5067Hilton Bay Club at Waikola2 Bed Platinum8400$7,000.00
4025Hilton Club New York2 Bed Prime7,000$11,500.00
0834Hilton Flamingo1 Bed Gold3,400$2,750
0392 Hilton Flamingo2 Bed Gold5,000Pending Sale
0012 Hilton Flamingo1 Bed Platinum4,800$5,000.00
0219 Hilton Flamingo2 Bed Platinum7,000$11,000.00
3000Hilton Seaworld2 Bed Gold5000$2,500.00
0886 Hilton Hawaiian Village1 Bed Platinum6,200$13,250.00
0126 Hilton Hawaiian Village2 Bed Gold7,000$13,000.00
0229 Hilton Hawaiian Village2 Bed Platinum8,400Sold
0138 Hilton Hawaiian Village2 Bed Platinum9,600$33,000.00
0478Hilton International Drive (Tuscany)3 Bed Gold5,800Sale Pending
0234Hilton International Drive (Tuscany)1 Bed Platinum4,800$6,000.00
8518PHilton International Drive (Tuscany)2 Bed Platinum7,000$9,000
8503PHilton International Drive (Tuscany)2 Bed Platinum7,000$11,250.00
0459Hilton International Drive (Tuscany)2 Bed Platinum7,000$9,800.00
0894Hilton International Drive (Tuscany)1 Bed Gold3,400$2,200.00
0348Hilton International Drive (Tuscany)3 Bed Platinum8,400Sold
8526 Hilton Kings' Land2 Bed 12,600Sold
0389Hilton Kings' Land2 Bed Platinum12,600Sale Pending
0321Hilton Kings' Land2 Bed Platinum14,400Sale Pending
0521Hilton Kings' Land2 Bed Platinum12,600$8,700.00
010Hilton Kings' Land2 Bed Platinum10,500Varies15,500.00
5010Hilton Las Vegas Gold5000$3,500.00
5080Hilton Las Vegas1 Bed Platinum4800$4,000.00
0675Hilton Parc Soleil2 Bed Gold5,000$4,500.00
0985Hilton Parc Soleil2 Bed Platinum7,000$11,450.00
6001Hilton Seaworld2 Bed Gold5000$3,250.00
0376Hilton Seaworld1 Bed Gold3,400$1,850.00
0654Hilton Seaworld2 Bed Gold5,000Sale Pending
0421Hilton Seaworld3 Bed Gold5,800$3,540.00
0365Hilton Seaworld1 Bed Platinum4,800$5,400.00
1023Hilton Seaworld3 Bed Platinum5,800$5,000
5015Hilton Seaworld2 Bed Platinum7000$8,900.00
0453Hilton South Beach1 Bed Platinum4,800Sold
0235Hilton International Drive (Tuscany)2 Bed Gold5,000$3,200.00
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