Hyatt Residence Club

You can enjoy the luxury of Hyatt with 12 Vacation Club Resorts in the United States, of which four are in Florida. Hyatt has resorts in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Texas and Puerto Rico and their resorts focus on beach, golf/spa and ski activities. When you purchase your timeshare week, it is denoted by a season, ranked from Diamond which is the highest season, down through Platinum, Gold, Silver and then Bronze which is the lowest season. Seasons will vary by resort as what is deemed the highest season on the Florida Gulf Coast will be different to the highest season in Key West.

Hyatt’s Vacation Club points offers great flexibility. If you do not want to visit your home resort during your specified week, you can convert your week into Hyatt Vacation Club points and stay at other Hyatt Vacation Club destinations, redeem them (every other year) to stay at participating Hyatt Hotels and Resorts throughout the world via the Hotel Exchange Program or exchange points for vacations through Interval International. The number of points you get depends upon the season of your fixed week. If you choose to stay in a smaller unit or for less than a full week in your home resort then you can also convert the remaining days into Vacation Points.

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