Selling your Bluegreen Timeshare on the Resale Market

Selling your Bluegreen Timeshare on the Resale Market


So you are now left with a Bluegreen timeshare that you no longer want or no longer can afford? What should you do? The most important decision is which Broker you will hire to sell your Timeshare for you. Timeshare resale brokers come in all shapes and sizes in today’s marketplace, but most importantly not all are created equal. A few things you want to look for, how long they have been in business, are they registered with the BBB, what rating do they hold, do they charge up-front costs? Make sure you have all of these questions answered to your liking before moving forward with one.


Will they sell in the current market?


While you will not recoup the initial investment you made when purchasing it from Bluegreen directly, you will be able to sell it in the current market. Pricing always depends on the current supply and demand of the amount of ownerships on the market and there is definitely not a lack of inventory out there.


Who is my best choice to help sell my Bluegreen Timeshare?


A Timeshare Broker, Inc…  At A Timeshare Broker, Inc. we have more than 15 years of selling Bluegreen on the resale market and we have seen big changes in Bluegreen’s market condition over the past two decades and are well informed to get you fair market value. We know the product well and more importantly, we have the buyer base to find a client quickly and efficiently. We believe the reasons are obvious and clear why you should choose our Brokerage.


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