Timeshare Resale Vs. Timeshare Presentations

The world of timeshares can be described as a two-headed monster. No really… On one side you have the timeshare presentations. Known to many as the most high-pressure sales events ever to be created, and turning the stomach on owners and prospective buyers alike. On the other side, you have the timeshare resale companies, and not all are created equal. Not every broker has integrity, and a pressure-free sensibility when speaking to their clients. So in this article, we’ll be exploring how to pick a resale broker and why reading the next 300 words could save you tens of thousands of dollars on your vacations.

Tens of Thousands… Really?

Yes, make no mistake about it. Buying a resale timeshare, especially rather than a presentation, will save you a lot of money. Generally, it’s estimated that 40% of the retail price of a timeshare goes to the marketing costs that it takes to attract buyers to sit through the uncomfortable pitch of sleazy timeshare salespeople. Think about it, when you go to a presentation they literally have to bribe you just to sit down, and how many people do you think really take the bait and buy? So for every gift given, every convention center rented, and even every balloon inflated, the cost of the you buy at a presentation timeshare goes up. You are paying to give other people gifts!

So What’s So Different About Resale?

Think about it in the terms of buying a car. When you drive that shiny, new car off the lot, you are met with a large depreciation immediately. This is similar with vacation ownerships. The marketing costs the developer is so blasé about spending can never realistically be recouped on the resale market. This means two things, if you buy retail, you’ll be taking a huge hit in value if you needed to sell, and that if you buy resale, you can beat the depreciation that is associated with the presentation costs.
When a seller lists with our company, they are informed of the current fair market value and must competitively price their unit to get you to make an offer. Of course, a lower price helps the seller move their property in a timely manner, but also offers the buyer an extremely affordable way to begin their vacation ownership journey.

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