Disney Timeshare Resale FAQS

Why should I buy a DVC (Disney Vacation Club) timeshare rather than another timeshare resorts?
Disney Vacation Club (DVC) is a company, wholly owned by the Walt Disney Company. It is your chance to own a piece of the Happiest Place on Earth!! The DVC point program is best suited for vacationers who plan to return to Disney World with their families and friends for many years to come. The beauty of the resorts and the quality of the rooms are kept up to Disney World’s extremely high standards for guest satisfaction. The DVC, based on our combined 74 years of experience, is by far the best timeshare program available for vacationing in the Orlando, Disney area.

Why should I buy resale over purchasing direct from DVC?
This decision should come down to the finances of your purchase (per point price) and the availability of options (all of DVC resorts are listed for resale).

Why should I use A Timeshare Broker, Inc.?
We have been here to serve both Buyers and Sellers since 1993, specializing in timeshare resales since 1998. We have never had a complaint with the Orlando Better Business Bureau or the Florida Dept. of Professional Regulations, Real Estate division. Our work ethic and integrity has been instrumental in changing the way the DVC timeshare resale industry operates. We are known for our personal and family-style service and we care about our BUYERS and SELLERS.

Why do resales exist?
Resales exist for the same reason they exist in buying or selling a home. DVC does not have a “resale” department so you need to buy your resale through a licensed real estate professional. When it is time for you to sell, you will need a licensed Real Estate professional also, and we would be happy to assist you. A Timeshare Broker, Inc.

Why do sellers sell?
Sellers sell for a myriad of reasons. Most common ones are financial, changes in family needs, divorce….etc. The same reasons people sell their private residence. Just like home ownership, sellers are very proud of their ownerships and are usually disappointed to be selling.

Will DVC treat me differently when checking into my DVC timeshare vacation resort because I bought through resale?
Absolutely not!! DVC loves all their owners. You will receive your new owner’s package directly from DVC after your purchase has closed.

How do I know the amount of points to purchase?
Only you, the Buyer, can determine this. Please refer to our point usage charts found at the top of this page by clicking on the particular resort you are interested in. Each DVC property has a different usage chart. You have to decide what your typical family vacationing needs are. Do you stay in a 2 bedroom 2 bath every time? Must you visit DVC during the summer and holidays only? Will you need a few nights only every couple of years? Are you planning on visiting multiple times in one year? There are so many variables that you need to do your homework.

How do I know which DVC resort I should make my “Home” resort?
The resort you should purchase is decided by two factors. Does your family want to stay at a particular DVC property every time you visit Disney and will they be disappointed if you don’t? If the answer is yes, then buy where you want to be!! If you want to jump around to the different resorts to get a unique experience each time you visit Disney, then buy the property that best fits your financial and particular vacationing needs. You can reserve your home resort 7 to 11 months in advance. This is called “Home Priority Booking.”

What is a “Use Year” and how do I know which “Use Year” to purchase?
The “Use Year” refers to the 12 month period starting on the first day of the “Use Year” you own. If you own a Feb., DVC will put your allotted points into your account on Feb. 1st of each year. If you need to vacation in the same month every year, you should purchase an ownership where the use month precedes the vacation time by no more than 8 months, (gives time to bank points if you cancel your vacation). If you are flexible with your vacationing, “Use Year” becomes much less important.

What are the maintenance and taxes (annual dues) at each resort? When are they due?
The maintenance and taxes (annual dues) will vary at each resort. It is based on a per point method. For current maintenance and tax fees, please refer to our listings. When you purchase a DVC ownership through the resale market, all dues will be current at closing. DVC will bill the new owner in Dec. for the next year’s dues, payable in Feb. You can pay annually by credit card or check or you can pay monthly by setting up your automatic checking account deduction payment plan with DVC.

What is DVC’s Right of First Refusal?
As a Buyer, you may not like this now but you will when it is time for you to sell. The purpose of DVC’s ROFR is to control the value of their property so that it remains in step with current values. When there is an accepted offer and a signed contract with a good faith deposit in escrow with a licensed and bonded title company, we immediately forward all contracts to the DVC Review Board. DVC will do an analysis of the terms of the contract and decide if they wish to “step in” as the BUYER. The criteria DVC uses for ROFR is not public information but one important factor for exercising (stepping in as buyer) the ROFR would be if DVC feels the selling price, including who pays closing costs and maintenance and taxes is below the target price they have established. Don’t worry, we can council you on current market conditions. If DVC exercises their Right of First Refusal (ROFR) and steps in as the Buyer, you can transfer your deposit to another quality DVC ownership that we will find for you or your deposit can be refunded in full at your request.

How much is the good faith deposit and who controls my money?
The good faith deposit is usually $1,000 but may vary based on purchase price. A licensed and bonded title company or Real Estate attorney will handle all earnest money deposits in their company escrow accounts. A Timeshare Broker, Inc. does not process your money.

How do I know this is a “Free and Clear” title and what do closing costs cover?
The closing costs on most DVC resales will range from an average of $400 – $650 + (depending on the dollar amount of purchase). These costs will include title search, title insurance, administrative fees and recording fees (deed and any other pertinent documents). The closing costs are paid to the title company at closing. A Title search is conducted by the Title company to be sure that the title is free and clear and an insurance policy is issued to insure same. A Timeshare Broker, Inc. has no financial interest in any title company, but we do use the best (Timeshare Title & More, LLC., Timeshare Resale Closing Services, Duncan Realty & Escrow or Wade Johnson, Esq.). To receive exact closing costs on a particular ownership, please call us at 800-275-0557.

Is financing available on a DVC resale?
A Timeshare Broker, Inc. does not offer financing. The most popular form of financing on the DVC resale market is a home equity loan. BUYERS can also contact timesharelending.net. A Timeshare Broker, Inc. has no financial interest in timesharelending.net

When an offer is accepted, how long before I can schedule a vacation?
It will only take about 9 weeks, under normal circumstances, for you to have the excitement of scheduling your first vacation.

Do I have to come to Florida for the closing?
Absolutely Not!! With approximately 99% of all DVC resales being accomplished via the internet, we are set up to handle all contract processing by using e-mail, faxes, secure web sites and courier services. It’s the digital age at its best.

When do I receive the New Member hand book from DVC?
You will receive your New Member hand book directly from DVC approximately 3 weeks after they complete the transfer of ownership. You do not have to wait for this book to schedule your first vacation.

If I have additional questions or would like to make an offer, who do I contact?
Please call us at 800-275-0557

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